Making it rain out there: Update

On a life update…

*I’m going to roll out this late coming blog in a few different sections over the next few days to lessen the length.

Much has happened since the last entry, so I’ll give a quick summary.

I finished up my exams (and got my grades, which confirmed that my contrarian theory on exam taking works wonders and can be more effective than a semester of studying is in law school), had a week of relaxation in Bloomington with Jess, and then moved to Milwaukee for the summer.  I’m currently staying in a small efficiency on the east side.  The location is wonderful, the apartment itself will do.

I’m spending my summer with UMOS, Inc (link) developing a new program where local attorneys come to UMOS to talk with primarily low and middle income folks in the community about their legal rights.  The first session went well, I’m hoping that the second and third sessions go even better, and I’m also trying to ensure that the program continues to grow after I leave.  It’s been keeping me busy.

Meanwhile, Jess is back in Bloomington, so we’re having to do the long distance deal again.  We’re making the best of the situation, as Jess has already come up multiple times and I went down to Bloomington recently (and had a wonderful time!).

Nonetheless, this summer has been bittersweet with Jess in a different state.  My time thus far in Milwaukee has been wonderful.  I’m falling back in love with the city I spent my first eighteen years in and the amount of knowledge that I’m being exposed to concerning Milwaukee’s problems/pitfalls/personality/potential/progress is coming in faster than I can process it.  I also enjoy my job which is always a huge plus.  But, I do miss Bloomington somewhat, and when I say Bloomington, I really mean Jess/the cats/the nicer weather/the seclusion of a small town.  Indiana has its perks to be sure.

On 4th of July…

I spent it up north in Antigo with Jess’ family and had a great time.  I shot a gun for the first time while up there and it was a fun experience.  The rifle scope was a little tough on the eye, but I loved shooting clay pigeons with the shotgun.  I have to say, I was making it rain out there.  It might have to become a hobby.

We also rode go karts, did bumper boats (I made sure to get Jess soaked), played ladder ball, shot off fireworks, had bonfires, and generally just relaxed and had fun.


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